PNSC Group Achieves Rs. 1,235 Mln Profit During FY 2020-21

PNSC Group achieves Rs. 1,235 mln profit during FY 2020-21

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Jun, 2021 ) :Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) Group has made significant progress in bulk and liquid cargo segments and achieved Rs. 1,235 million profit during fiscal year 2020-21 despite pandemic.

According to official document available with APP, the increase in revenues reflects the growth in operational activity of the PNSC Group.

The turnover stood at Rs 9,633 million as compared to Rs 9,621 million for the previous year's in three quarters.

Revenue of the tanker segment, including foreign charters, grew by 7.12 percent from Rs 6,195 million to Rs 6,635 million. Slot chartering revenue increased by 19.64 percent from Rs 704 million to Rs 842 million.

At present, PNSC fleet comprises of 11 vessels of various types/sizes (05 Bulk carriers, 04 Aframax tankers and 02 LR-1 Clean Product tankers) with a total deadweight capacity (cargo carrying capacity) of 831,711 metric tons, the highest ever carrying capacity since inception of PNSC.

Meanwhile, Karachi Port Trust (KPT) had managed a total cargo and container volume of 39.424.155 million tonnes during July-March.

It experienced 21 percent increase in total cargo and container handling over the previous year.

While export cargo and container volume grew by three percent while imports increased by 31 percent over the same period.