Shipping Activity At Port Qasim

Shipping activity at Port Qasim

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Dec, 2022 ) :Five ships, EM Astoria, Seaspan Chiba, Al-Karaana, Golden Ambrosia and Margarita carrying containers, LNG, palm oil and Mogas, berthed at Container Terminal, Elengy Terminal, Liquid Terminal and Oil Terminal of Port Qasim Authority on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, another ship, Clipper Eos with chemicals also arrived at the outer anchorage of the port on the same day.

PQA berths were engaged by seven ships during the last 24 hours, out of them, two ships, Kanha and Kokako left the port on Thursday morning, whereas two more ships, EM Astoria and Kosma are expected to sail later in the day.

Cargo throughput during the last 24 hours stood at 119,970 tonnes comprising 99,638 tonnes of imports cargo and 20,332 tonnes of export cargo, including containerized cargo carried in 2,370 containers (1,453 TEUs Imports and 917TEUs export) was handled at the Port.

There are nine ships at Outer Anchorage of Port Qasim, out of them, two ships, Express Athens and FairchemValor carrying containers and palm oil are expected to take berths at Container Terminal and Liquid Terminal respectively on Thursday, December 1 and two more container ships, APL California and Cancouver are due to arrive at Port Qasim on Friday.