Traditional Hand-made Embroidery Dresses Still In High Demand : Report


Traditional Hand-made embroidery dresses still in high demand : Report

The traditional hand-made embroidery dresses for female customers are still in high demand elsewhere in the country, as wedding season continues

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Jan, 2018 ) :The traditional hand-made embroidery dresses for female customers are still in high demand elsewhere in the country, as wedding season continues.

A report aired by a private news channel said, as hand embroidered dresses design is well known in Pakistan, in this modern age, many fashion designers are still making their contributions by adopting this elegant and amazing hand embroidery trend.

A lady customer Haniya Ali said embroidery dress is something that is a major source of attraction for local people as well as foreigners on any wedding festivals. "We have a team of dress designers and experts of hand embroidery who carry out every tiny detail related to embroidery with care and handle it efficiently to meet all your demands, said a local shop owner Mohammad Amir.

Another shopkeeper said, we provide traditional embroidery on clothes which are used for formal functions. Our designers with their creativity add more beauty to the clothes by their latest and new additions and modification in traditional embroidery designs.

With the use of advanced machines, embroidery has become very cost-effective and time efficient but still hand embroidery remains as the best, said a worker at local market.

It's value is greater than the machine-made embroidery.

There are still many people who just go for hand-made embroidery, said a customer Amir Javed. These dresses represent impressiveness and fine detailing of hand embroidery along with that it also spoke about the aesthetics sense of the person who designed it, he added.

Farida Hasan one of the renowned dress designer who provides elegant fancy dresses for Ladies said her beautiful designs are unique and intricate which are classy and can be worn at any formal event, whether it be a party or a wedding function.

"The finish hand embroidery offers is something a machine cannot create", she added. Another dress designer said with the development of industries in the country, hand embroidery style has earned remarkable and exceptional importance among the female customers.

While designing hand embroideries, people use different kind of fabrics, threads, needle and yarn. Hand embroidery design require ultra care and diligent attention as this is quite time taking task. Several industries has been established to design hand embroideries, he concluded.

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