USC To Continue Providing Subsidized Commodities For Relief Of Public: Spokesperson


USC to continue providing subsidized commodities for relief of public: Spokesperson

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Jun, 2022 ) :As per the directions of the Prime Minister, the Utility Store Corporation (USC) will continue to provide subsidies on basic food items through all stores across the country.

As many as 30 branded companies that supply groceries to the utility store have increased the prices of 952 branded items, said a press release issued here.

With this, there has also been an increase in the prices of pulses.

USC has maintained these prices from Sep/Oct 2021 after successful negotiations with the vendors, even after the price influx of these branded items in the open market during the month of March 2022, USC stayed consistent with the old prices (except for a few changes) due to Ramzan.

However, with the recent increased prices of these branded items, the utility store management is compelled to increase the prices, for the availability at USC outlets.

The Utility Store Corporation does not have its own manufacturing and production units and make its purchases from the open market because of which when there is an increase in the open market, the management of the utility store must increase the prices accordingly to ensure these products/brands available.

Besides this increase, the utility stores are working hard to provide branded and non branded items to the public at comparatively lower prices.

The prices of these items in utility stores are still less than in the retail/open market.

Compared to the normal market, it is evident that the subsidized ghee in utility stores is cheaper by Rs 250 per kg, sugar by Rs 25 to 35 per kg, and 20 kg bag of flour by Rs 700.

Similarly, compared to the open market there is a decrease in the USC pulses rate. The white gram is being sold cheaper by Rs. 20-40, dal channa by Rs.15-20, and lentils by Rs.30-40.

Other than this there are more than 1500 items that are being sold at utility stores at lower prices compared to the open market.