Venezuela Inks Agreement With Russian Car Maker - Vice President


Venezuela Inks Agreement With Russian Car Maker - Vice President

MEXICO CITY (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 13th July, 2019) Venezuela has concluded an alliance agreement with a Russian car manufacturer, Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami has said.

"In Russia, we have concluded an alliance [agreement] with a large Russian enterprise. We own one of the largest car industry parks in Latin America. Venezuela's capacities provoke major interest," El Aissami, who has recently returned from Russia, said live on state television on Friday.

The vice president has not said what Russian company had signed the deal.

El Aissami noted that the Russian partners believed Venezuela was one of the countries having the largest investment opportunities in every sector, while its car industry was the most attractive area for international investors.

"Moreover, we will hold meetings in China to create a business alliance with two important car industry enterprises.

We are signing an important deal with the large Chinese car companies," the vice president pointed out.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in his turn, noted that the country's cooperation with Russia allowed it to move forward.

"We will be moving forward together with Russia. Russia is a great country and is a great state in politics, military and economy. It will further grow. It is a country of great stability and wealth," the president emphasized.

Maduro also asked El Aissami, who is of Arab descent, to give part of his speech in the Arabic language "in order for Washington to hear him speaking Arabic." El Aissami then switched from Spanish to Arabic, welcomed by loud whistles of the audience.

El Aissami visited Russia in June to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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