Venezuela's PdVSA Office Cooperates With Russia On Joint Projects


Venezuela's PdVSA Office Cooperates With Russia on Joint Projects

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th October, 2021) The Petroleum of Venezuela (PdVSA) office cooperates with Russia on new joint projects, including the ones aimed at improving the Latin American country's oil infrastructure, Hoglis Martinez, the head of the office, told Sputnik.

"Of course, there are (joint projects).

in particular, with regard to the security issues of our oil infrastructure, how to introduce Russian technologies to improve the security of Venezuela's oil infrastructure," Martinez said on the sidelines of the Russian-Venezuelan entrepreneurs' forum.

The PdVSA moved its office to Moscow to strengthen energy relations with Russia, the main ally of Venezuela in this area, according to Martinez.

The United States has imposed sanctions against PdVSA, and the office was moved from Lisbon.