'Maker Lab' Inaugurated At Lincoln Corner To Equip Students With Knowledge Of Modern Technology


'Maker Lab' inaugurated at Lincoln Corner to equip students with knowledge of modern technology

The state-of-the-art "Maker Lab" was inaugurated at the Lincoln Corner, National Library of Pakistan (NLP) on Monday to equip students with the latest knowledge of modern technology, enabling them to come up with solutions to real-world problems

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Nov, 2021 ) :The state-of-the-art "Maker Lab" was inaugurated at the Lincoln Corner, National library of Pakistan (NLP) on Monday to equip students with the latest knowledge of modern technology, enabling them to come up with solutions to real-world problems.

The Maker Lab was inaugurated by the United States Embassy Public Affairs Minister-Counselor, Mr. Ray Castillo, and Joint Secretary, National Heritage, and Cultural Division, Muhammad Mureed Rahimoon.

The new Maker Lab, which is one of several tech labs in the 19 American Spaces in Pakistan, was established by the U.S Embassy in Islamabad in partnership with the NLP.

American Spaces in Pakistan conduct Science, technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) programs that focus on teaching 21st-century technology like 3D design and printing, robotics, coding, and virtual reality.

By learning about technology and developing new skills, Pakistani innovators can come up with solutions to various real-world problems.

STEAM programs also allow participants to learn about the latest U.S. innovations in the field of science and technology.

The space will serve as a tech lab that will provide young Pakistani inventors, entrepreneurs, and educators with the latest technology and resources to foster innovation.

Speaking on the occasion, U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Minister-Counselor, Mr. Ray Castillo said that the Maker Lab at the Lincoln Reading Lounge will be a substantial resource for young leaders seeking to hone their tech skills while deepening their relationship with the United States.

He said that a Maker Lab like this is all about "turning knowledge into action" and allows for a true opportunity for personalized, hands-on learning.

Talking to APP exclusively, Mr. Castillo said this lab would emerge as one of the few hi-tech maker labs that exist in the country. "We are providing tools for the creative students to learn the new technologies like 3D printing, robotics, and virtual reality, etc".

These students will be able to design technologies for solving problems that exist here as well as around the world. "We can add more technologies in this lab with the passage of time", he said.

Such initiatives as well as other educational collaborations will help strengthen the relationship between Pakistan and United States and both countries will get closer and closer.

About the criteria of participation in the program, Mr. Castillo said the participant should be a student and have the ability to learn.

To a question about the funding involved in this initiative, he said that the amount of 60,000 Dollars is being utilized to get the initial set of tools and to modify the space for the lab.

Speaking on the occasion, Joint Secretary, Muhammad Mureed Rahimoon said that creativity is the secret source of STEAM education. This Maker Lab will prove a catalyst for the youngsters towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

He emphasized mobilizing resources to focus on STEAM education which is crucial for elevating the standard of education in our country at par with the modern world.

The Maker Lab staff will hold workshops on the use of 3D printers, 3D scanners, basic robotics, virtual reality headsets, coding, and circuits. All programs and activities of the Maker Lab are free of charge and open to the public.

The appointment can be made by a group to use the Maker Lab through lrl.islamabad@lincolncorner.net.

Lincoln Corners are partnerships between the Embassy of the United States of America and selected institutions in Pakistan. Located within universities, public libraries, and cultural centers, Lincoln Corners are multi-media resource centers, where visitors can connect, practice their English, and learn about America in many different ways.

Director-General, NLP, Mudasir Mushtaq, other officials, and volunteer trainers were also present on the occasion.