Chinese Consulate Donates Life-saving Ambulance Aman Foundation

Chinese Consulate donates life-saving ambulance Aman Foundation

Chinese Consulate, as part of its social responsibility initiatives has partnered with the Aman Foundation to support their life-saving Ambulance program.

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Feb, 2018) : Chinese Consulate, as part of its social responsibility initiatives has partnered with the Aman Foundation to support their life-saving Ambulance program. The partnership was announced at the launch of a woman empowerment event here at Aman Foundation head office.

The woman empowerment program at Aman Tech is a female vocational training program focused to empower women from marginalized communities. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Wang Yu, Honorable Consul General of China and Mr.

Nasir Hussain Shah, Information and Labor Minister among other supporters of Aman Foundation. The Aman Foundation's flagship Aman Ambulances have made 950,000+ interventions to date. While there are other ambulance services present and doing a great service to Pakistan, Aman Ambulances are the only ones with the necessary life-saving medicines and medical equipment, along with trained medical personnel to handle emergencies effectively.

As of now, Karachi has only 1 life-saving ambulance for every 340,000 people whereas as per international protocols there must be 1 for every 100,000 people. Honorable Consul General of China, Mr.

Wang Yu said on the occasion, “We strongly believe in supporting societies we live and work in. China places great emphasis on contributing to the development in Pakistan. CPEC, a unit of the global Belt and Road programme, has successfully completed many infrastructure, transport and energy projects in Pakistan. As Chinese industry now increases its presence in Pakistan, it becomes even more necessary for Chinese businesses to contribute to local communities and integrate with them.

I am pleased to contribute to Aman Ambulances and fully appreciate the remarkable service it is providing to people in Sindh by saving many lives.

The Aman Foundation has developed some outstanding programs, and I am confident that they will continue to do so in the future, in order to solve the most pressing social issues facing the people in Pakistan”.

China is committed to investing in meaningful causes and working towards a more sustainable future for Pakistan. Nasir Hussain Shah, Information and Labor Minister, Sindh further added “The woman empowerment initiative by Aman Foundation will spark a new wave of revolution.

I strongly believe that a strong woman stands up for herself and for everybody else. After the success of the Aman Ambulance operations in Thatta and Sujawal, I congratulate the Aman Foundation for another milestone achieved.

Our Sindh People’s Ambulance Service operations in the two districts have created positive impact and we are working towards increasing the service throughout the province” Malik Ahmad Jalal, CEO, Aman Foundation, expressed his gratitude by stating, “I am pleased that Aman’s vision of transforming lives is shared by China and I thank them for their generosity and investment in providing better healthcare services for the citizens of Karachi via the Aman Ambulance service.

We look forward to further collaborations with China and expand Aman’s life-saving ambulatory service to areas where CPEC projects are under implementation”. Ahmad Jalal, stressed on the need of life-saving ambulances in the city “Karachi alone needs more than 230 life-saving ambulances to cater to the demand.

Through partnerships and donations, we strive to expand and save millions of lives.” He added.

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