Amul India Pays Tribute To Pakistani All-rounder And PM-to-be Imran Khan


Amul India pays tribute to Pakistani all-rounder and PM-to-be Imran Khan

Indian dairy brand Amul, known for its out of the box advertisements, praised PakisKhan

Mumbai (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 28th July, 2018) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan stood victorious in all five National Assembly seats while his party has emerged as the biggest political party in general elections 2018.

According to the results announced by the Election Commission, Imran Khan-led PTI has won the general elections and Khan himself would become the next prime minister of the country.

While Pakistanis are celebrating their mandate, India also celebrated Imran Khan’s victory in the general elections 2018.

Celebrating his historic victory, Indian dairy brand Amul, known for its out of the box advertisements, congratulated the leader who has been dubbed a beacon of hope in the country.

The dairy brand featured the former cricketer in his signature white Pathani suit, holding a cricket ball, with his hands raised in celebration.

“PakisKhan”, the Amul ad praised the “true all-rounder” — the hero of both Pakistani cricket and politics.

In his victory speech, Imran Khan had laid a framework for future relations with India.

“I think if our relations with India are better, it will be most beneficial for sub-continent. Kashmir is our core issue. We are at square one with the blame-game. I am ready to better the ties with India. It is so far a one-sided relationship, they blame Pakistan for terrorism in the world. Our issues can be resolved through dialogue," he had said.

As Imran Khan is Pakistan’s sole World Cup-winning captain and responsible for leading the side during 1992 cricket World Cup, he is expected to govern the country with same leadership qualities and deliver on his promise of a new and better Pakistan.