'Al Jundi' Magazine Played Significant Role In Showcasing Development Of UAE's Military Industries: UAE Armed Force Chief Of Staff

'Al Jundi' Magazine played significant role in showcasing development of UAE's military industries: UAE Armed Force Chief of Staff

ABU DHABI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 01st Oct, 2023) Lieutenant General Issa Saif bin Ablan Al Mazrouei, Chief of Staff of the UAE Armed Forces, said that, since its establishment, Al Jundi Magazine has played a significant role in showcasing the extent of development in the UAE's military industries.

In a statement marking the magazine’s 50th anniversary, which falls on 1st October, 2023, Lieutenant General Al Mazrouei congratulated the magazine’s editorial team and expressed his appreciation for their role in selecting elite writers specialised in military and security affairs, as well as opinion articles in various fields.

“Since its establishment in October 1973, Al Jundi has continued its steady progress, keeping pace with all military events and occasions at the local, regional, and international levels,” he remarked. “Moreover, it has become a tool for the Armed Forces in covering various activities and events of the Ministry of Defence and its main units.”

Al Jundi has actively and effectively contributed over five decades to formulating an honourable image of the members of the Ministry of Defence at local and international military forums and exhibitions, Lieutenant General Al Mazrouei went on to say.

He added that the magazine serves as a key source of knowledge in the specialised military media field, noting that even they, as military leaders, “benefit from it in the process of anticipating everything new and innovative in various vital sectors directly or indirectly related to the military community”.

“On its golden jubilee, we wish Al Jundi Magazine success in everything it offers its audience of readers and followers. It has been, still is, and will continue to be, by the grace of God, a qualitative addition to the specialised military magazines in the country, contributing to and keeping pace with all the changes, and professionally portraying the honourable image of the military sector's development,” the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces said in conclusion.