Early Detection Of COVID-19, Testing Close Contacts Fundamental To Containing Coronavirus: Government Media Briefing


Early detection of COVID-19, testing close contacts fundamental to containing coronavirus: Government Media Briefing

ABU DHABI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 03rd Mar, 2021) Dr. Farida Al Hosani, Official Spokesperson of the UAE Health Sector, said that the UAE is witnessing a gradual decline in COVID-19 infections, in a new testament to the country's efforts to adhere to the national precautionary measures and provide the COVID-19 vaccine to the entire community.

During the media briefing held by the UAE Government to present the latest developments related to COVID-19, Dr. Al Hosani explained that more than six million doses of the vaccine have been provided and 3,614,070 people have been vaccinated to date, which accounts for 46.61 percent of the target population. She added that 61.41 percent of elderly people, who have been prioritised over the past period an at present, have already been inoculated.

The country is still conducting coronavirus tests on a large scale to detect infections and curb the spread of the pandemic, she said, noting that the total number of tests has crossed 31 million. The UAE leads the world in terms of conducting coronavirus tests relative to the size of population, with infection rates compared to the total tests being among the lowest in the region and the entire world.

The country’s research and development efforts have proven that early intervention, through laboratory and clinical tests, is a key element in ensuring the provision of medical treatment, she further added while urging all segments of society to head to the nearest health centre to diagnose possible symptoms and provide relevant health authorities with information about those in contact with COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Al Hosani also encouraged community members to not ignore any respiratory symptoms and undergo testing if required, noting that COVID-19 symptoms are similar to those of influenza and being treated early can accelerate the recovery process. According to studies, people of 60, over 60, and those suffering from chronic diseases are more prone to complications, hospitalisation and death.

To protect such people, certain procedures that must be implemented, including limiting direct contact as much as possible, reducing visiting times, taking the COVID-19 vaccine and wearing face masks, she further said, affirming that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and efficient, especially for this category of people, as it increases immunity and reduces complications.

She also explained that rapid medical intervention through medical tests and x-rays are necessary, even if the patients are only suffering from mild symptoms, stressing that in case of the occurrence of any respiratory symptoms, patients should immediately call 999 or head to the nearest health centre.

Concerning ways of obtaining movement permits if in quarantine or during health emergencies, she noted that those affected may step out in cases of health emergencies and are not required to inform anyone, and they can simply head to the nearest hospital and request a medical report clarifying their condition, to prove that they have not violated health protocols.

Dr. Al Hosani asserted that the vaccine cannot be a reason for a positive coronavirus test and does not contain the active virus that causes the disease.

On the vaccine protection period, she stated that it is difficult to determine the exact period of protection provided by the vaccine, because the vaccination rounds only began recently and the vaccine's efficiency may differ from one person to another.

In her response to a question on not updating required information in the Al Hosn application after 28 days from taking the second vaccine dose or performing a recent PCR test for a period not exceeding seven days, she highlighted the necessity of updating information on the application, and if they didn't receive the letter, "E," they must contact the number, "8004676," or call the national call centre (Weqaya) on the number, "800937292," to receive technical support.

The pandemic has many repercussions and has negatively affected the community through the spread of incorrect or false information, but the country has harnessed all its media resources to offer the public accurate information and facts, she further explained while urging everyone to adhere to precautionary and preventive measures to protect the community's health and safety.