Kuwaiti Women Launch Their Own #MeToo Movement


Kuwaiti women launch their own #MeToo movement

The women have set up social media page on Instagram with the name of “Lan Asket” which means [I will never remain silent], and have started motivating women to speak up against sexual harassment for the first time in Kuwait.

KUWAIT CITY: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Feb 10th, 2021) Women in Kuwait launched their own #MeToo Movement to speak out against harassment for the first time in their time.

The women started this new campaign with hashtag #Lan Asket” (I will never remain silent). And this movement was just swelling on social media as more than 9,000 people jointed it and started raising voice for the women who were made victims of sexual abuse or harassment in the past.

Ascia Al Faraj who is known fashion blogger with more than 2.5 million social media followers emerged as the prominent leader in this new kind of movement in Kuwait.

She motivated other women to join this movement so that they could get benefit collectively if the laws were changed in Kuwait. Sexual harassment was a serious issue for which they [women] must raise their voice.

She said: “Every time I go out, there is someone who harasses me or harasses another woman in the street,” she said in the emotionally charged video uploaded after a vehicle sped up to “scare”.

She also stated: “ “Do you have no shame? We have a problem of harassment in this country, and I have had enough.”

Faraj's video sparked a countrywide movement to raise voice against sexual harassment.

The Kuwaiti women also set up an online campaign on Instagram with the name of “Lan Asket” which means [I will never remain silent].

The page shared a picture where a woman was shown with different challenges in daily life.

#Me too movement is totally a new movement which initially took place in the United States in 2017 and many Names were exposed by the women.