Malaria No More Launches India Interagency Expert Committee On Malaria And Climate To Accelerate Malaria Elimination

Malaria No More launches India Interagency Expert Committee on Malaria and Climate to accelerate malaria elimination

ABU DHABI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 15th Jun, 2021) Malaria No More, a non-governmental organisation, collaborates with the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in creating a multi-disciplinary India Interagency Expert Committee on Malaria and Climate (IEC) to explore and advance climate-based solutions for accelerating malaria elimination in India.

The IEC’s launch is part of a global initiative supported by Reaching the Last Mile – Forecasting Healthy Futures – to develop weather data-informed strategies and policies to improve health outcomes and accelerate progress against malaria and other deadly mosquito-borne diseases.

As malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases are highly influenced by weather and weather events, the new committee brings together leading experts and researchers from health, climate and technology fields to define and operationalise sophisticated climate-based malaria prediction tools to further propel progress toward the goal of eliminating malaria in countries around the world.

Malaria No More’s weather-based prediction model is designed to produce data-driven solutions to guide planning of national malaria prevention campaigns, test and treatment interventions, advanced positioning of medical products, and the deployment of community health workers.

The forecasting model uses advanced weather data, health information, and deep learning algorithms, and produces practical visualisation outputs for local decision-making in malaria control programmes.

On this occasion, Dr. Kaushik Sarkar, India Country Director, Malaria No More, stated, "Combining climate and malaria data with new technologies and sophisticated machine learning models offers new opportunities to time and target proven malaria interventions geographically, for cost-effectiveness and improved control. This expert committee will help ensure feasibility and functionality of data for decision making to improve India’s malaria control and prevention efforts. We also hope the IEC will serve as a model for other high-burden malaria countries to adopt as they identify innovative solutions to accelerate progress against this preventable but deadly disease."

As a Forecasting Healthy Futures partner, Reaching the Last Mile applauds this important milestone, which sheds light on the importance of addressing health interventions through multiple lenses and innovative approaches," said Associate Director, Office of Strategic Affairs, Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi. "This example of cross-government collaboration will be a model we seek to replicate as we expand the initiative to Senegal and other countries across the Sahel."