Middle East Fertility Conference Calls For Holistic Evaluation Of Infertility Cases


Middle East Fertility Conference calls for holistic evaluation of infertility cases

(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 21st Sep, 2019) DUBAI, 21st September 2019 (WAM) - The 2nd HealthPlus middle East Fertility Conference recommended to perform a holistic comprehensive evaluation for all infertility cases that are undergoing IVF treatment looking into managing chronic diseases, especially obesity management which increases success rates of pregnancy and limiting miscarriages.

During the conference, organised by HealthPlus Fertility Centers, part of United Eastern Medical Services, participants encouraged women who suffer from cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to freeze eggs before treatment, to allow themselves to get pregnant in the future.

The participating Physicians also emphasised the importance of performing preimplantation genetic testing on embryos on the 5th day of fertilisation in the lab and before transferring it to the uterus may increase the success rate of the treatment, as compared to samples taken on the 3rd day of the embryo unless medically indicated, based on international studies, taking into account possible risks and complications.

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