Ministry Of Community Development Highlights AI In GITEX 2018

Ministry of Community Development highlights AI in GITEX 2018

The Ministry of Community Development, MOCD, is supporting its participation in GITEX 2018, with various smart services and programmes that coincide with the vision of the UAE government 2021.

DUBAI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 13th Oct, 2018) The Ministry of Community Development, MOCD, is supporting its participation in GITEX 2018, with various smart services and programmes that coincide with the vision of the UAE government 2021.

These programmes have helped in achieving the development efforts that coincide with the goals of sustainable development 2030, leading to the best care and most comprehensive development in the community in line with the government accelerators and in pursuit of achieving the title of the "happiest people in the world".

The ministry will enhance its services in the care, development and empowerment services through various partnership agreements to be signed on the sidelines of GITEX 2018 with a number of relevant authorities to achieve its vision of creating a cohesive and responsible community engaged in sustainable community development and coinciding with its constructive strategic goals to enhance family cohesion, people of determination empowerment, raise the quality services, support sustainable development and consolidate innovation and volunteering culture.

Sana Mohammed Suhail, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Community Development, emphasised that the participation of the MOCD is based on Blockchain technology and its innovative and complex applications as well as Artificial Intelligence, AI, and its tools to improve services and make customers happy, in addition to, the use of tools to analyse large data and electronic ideas in keeping up with care and development. These technologies enrich government services and facilitate their access to targets in order to enhance the quality of life at the community level.

She emphasised that the use of AI is an important step towards making customers happy through creating new communication channels with them, in addition to speeding up and automating the procedures and providing the necessary technical support by responding to the customer’s enquiries 24/7. This helps to increase the productivity and happiness of the customers of the ministry.

She said, "The participation of the MOCD in GITEX 2018 comes as part of its keenness to refine its community and national initiatives by enriching them with technical and applications and modern ideas to easily deliver the access of the supporting projects to the community members all over the UAE, and as part of the ministry’s concern to deliver services to its customers wherever they are and relieve them from attending to the ministry’s offices, such services are considered an opportunity for all categories to acknowledge the services of the ministry and participate in providing proposals or remarks and notes that enhance the development of the ministry’s services.

In GITEX, the ministry will display the new (Blockchain) technology, a new type of untraditional and non-central services to be used in all digital transactions. This new technology serves the ministry’s goals in achieving the UAE strategy 2021 for all digital transactions. Blockchain technology has been approved for use in all the systems of the ministry.

The ministry also completed linking of the marriage grant system to Blockchain. The system will add and integrate the information of all the beneficiaries from the marriage fund and make use of the characteristics of this technology to facilitate the process of exchanging information, deal with other authorities or entities and reduce the operational costs. It would also increase the security area and facilitate the process of connecting them to third parties. As such, the application of this technology preserves the privacy of information and automation of procedures.

The MOCD has completed the e-voting system for public benefit associations, a support service that provides transparency in the voting process taking into consideration the electronic security aspect and increasing credibility. In addition to the use of Blockchain technology, is the process of authentication of all official documents wherein the individual only uploads the document on the ministry’s website to ensure its authenticity without the need to make more effort and time to go to the official authority. The application of this technology saves time and effort to authenticate the document, reduces costs and speeds up the completion of transactions.

As such, the ministry will also reveal during Gitex 2018 the big analysis system of large data (known as Big Data), or new analytical tools used to handle a large amount of data for analysis purposes. The aim of using these tools is to provide decision-makers with accurate data, raise the level of information governance, provide future perceptions or scenarios for decision-makers and reduce operational costs.

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