Ministry Of Community Development Trains 20 Child Protection Specialists For Judicial Officer Status


Ministry of Community Development trains 20 Child Protection Specialists for Judicial Officer status

DUBAI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 15th Jan, 2020) The Ministry of Community Development organised a training programme for 20 child protection specialists to be given the status of judicial officers.

The programme, attended by child protection specialists from the Ministry of Community Development, the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children and the Community Development Authority, kicks all over the UAE to achieve the required social protection for children in accordance with the conditions of Article (9) of Cabinet Resolution (52) of 2018 concerning the executive by-laws of the Child Rights Law known as "Wadeema".

The training programme focused on a range of key themes: legal nature and judicial order activities, judicial order provisions and the powers of the judicial officer, judicial order procedures in the Penal Law and the Child’s Rights Law.

The importance of the judicial order is reflected in its direct impact on the safety and security of the child, as it codifies appropriate measures to protect children who are at risk of abuse, whether the harm to the child is minor or serious.

Eman Hareb Al Falahi, Director of Social Protection Department at the Ministry of Community Development, emphasised that the law was very keen to establish child protection units in all the UAE entities, especially those directly related to children and the appointment of child protection specialists who would be provided with a comprehensive training programme supervised by the Ministry of Community Development.

She said, "The next phase of this specialised programme which is adopted by the Ministry shall be in coordination with the competent authorities to target judicial officers in all the UAE entities in order to ensure that they carry out their assigned tasks in accordance with the mechanisms and measures stipulated by the law and regulations."

Al Falahi noted that the child protection specialist shall satisfy the conditions of Article (9) of the executive by-laws as follows: a UAE citizen, enjoys his full capacity, has good conduct and character, is not convicted of any honour or mistrust crime, even if rehabilitated, holds a university degree in Social Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Family of Childhood fields and holds a diploma in the above specialities not less than three years in the field of child protection.

The Child Protection Specialist working with the Ministry of Interior shall be a holder of a degree in Law or Police Science, or a diploma in the above specialities, plus have three years of experience in the child protection field and must pass the approved training programme of the ministry to become a child protection specialist.

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