SCFD Hosts Financial Forum 2023 With Emphasis On Digital Gateways


SCFD hosts Financial Forum 2023 with emphasis on digital gateways

(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 20th Sep, 2023) SHARJAH, 20th September, 2023 (WAM) – Sharjah Central Finance Department (SCFD) hosted the Sharjah Annual Financial Forum 2023 on Tuesday, which drew over a hundred people, many of whom represented government agencies and other Sharjah-based organisations.

"We are committed to organising the financial forum regularly," said Arwa Al-Owais, the department's Director of Financial Policies. The focus of this year's forum is on a range of issues with the overarching goal of "constantly improving financial performance."

Director of Financial System Management Huda Al-Yassi stressed the department's dedication to expanding the "Tahseel" digital payment gateway's role in accomplishing Sharjah's strategic goals, which include cultural ones.

Top officials from Sharjah's Central Finance Department were present at this session, which allowed for the discussion of various important financial issues.

The financial performance, stability, and sustainability of the emirate's economy were all discussed during the event. The function of the virtual assistant platform within the framework of the integration system and the Tahseel initiative were among the topics covered.

The department's suite of programmes and services, designed to help local businesses and improve government finance, were also highlighted.

The "Tahseel" digital payment gateway was highlighted during the meeting for its importance in accomplishing Sharjah's strategic goals, increasing transparency, and guaranteeing good governance in financial transactions.

The virtual assistant platform's ability to facilitate better two-way conversations with users and offer prompt, effective responses to their questions was also commendable.

Tahseel's favourable influence on the success of social, charitable, and environmental development initiatives in the emirate was further highlighted by the announcement of the activation of the electronic procurement system and the digital inventory process.

The efforts to improve customer happiness and promote economic growth through the provision of diverse digital payment options were also highlighted during the meeting.