UAE Press: New US President Can Be A Lifesaver Or A Burden For Some Countries In The Middle East


UAE Press: New US president can be a lifesaver or a burden for some countries in the Middle East

DUBAI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 30th Oct, 2020) The whole world is watching the United States presidential elections that will take place on November 3, but the Levant countries in particular are waiting eagerly for the result as their fate depends on it, a UAE daily commented.

''Whether we like it or not, the White House occupant, his party identity and his personal convictions are important not only for the Americans but to the rest of the world as well. The new US president can be a lifesaver or a burden for some countries and parties in the middle East, '' wrote Khaleej Time in its editorial on Friday.

From the endless list of sanctions and economical warfare including various manoeuvres of military intimidation, the current US president, Donald Trump, will definitely continue with his iron hand policy if he is reelected again and this will definitely upset the plans of many, especially Iran and its proxies everywhere such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, militias in Iraq, Houthis in Yemen etc,'' said the Dubai-based English daily, but noted that the whole peace plan that Trump drew for the Middle East will cease if his opponent Joe Biden is elected.

In addition, the paper remarked that Donald Trump marked an important milestone by sponsoring normalisation agreements between some Gulf countries and Israel while recently Lebanon and Israel engaged in talks to settle a dispute over their maritime border which will prevent any future war between the two countries.

''Trump took drastic decisions to solve once for all the Middle East problems that every American President before him failed to because of lack of vision and weak decisions,'' the paper indicated.

''While Trump wants to contain Iran and weaken its regime, Biden will use soft power through diplomatic channels to make deals while keeping the status quo and the Ayatollah regime in place, a regime that continues to starve its people to make wars in other countries like Syria and Yemen. A regime that brought nothing but misery to the Iranians since 1979 till today.

In Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, the paper continued, the population showed their aversion to Iran and its proxies. They took to streets since a year and expressed their anger and frustration while their economies continued to collapse because of the bad policies of Iran.

''The presidential elections will surely reshape the Middle East. Either it will bring once for all a permanent solution for this region or the curse that was brought on the Levant many years ago will continue on and on,'' it added.

''The world must realise by now that it will never be safe unless there is peace and prosperity in the Levant,'' Khaleej Times concluded.