Afghan Woman Activist Thanks UK MP For Saving Her Life

Afghan woman activist thanks UK MP for saving her life

London, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th Oct, 2021 ) :A prominent Afghan politician gave emotional thanks on Tuesday to a British MP for helping to rescue her from the Taliban's clutches, appealing for the UK to do more to get others out.

Shukria Barakzai, who was a lawmaker in Afghanistan and the ousted government's ex-ambassador to Norway, was speaking at a UK parliamentary hearing into the Islamist movement's lightning takeover of power.

The House of Commons foreign affairs committee also heard remotely from General David Petraeus, the former commander of US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, who said the "heartbreaking" takeover was entirely foreseeable once President Joe Biden had announced his intention to quit the country.

Like others such as Afghan interpreters who served with Western armed forces, Barakzai feared for her life as the Taliban overran Kabul in mid-August and appealed directly to the UK committee's chairman, Tom Tugendhat.

Barakzai, who survived an assassination attempt in 2014, was evacuated to Britain just as Taliban fighters ransacked her home in search of her.

Placing her hand on her heart, she told Tugendhat in the room: "You saved my life -- a mother for her kids, a daughter for her mother." The Conservative Tugendhat is a former British Army officer who served in Afghanistan under Petraeus.

He told Barakzai: "It is a huge privilege to have you here, and I'm very grateful I was able to play a small part in ensuring that you are here."Barakzai was echoed by fellow activist Shaharzad Akbar in urging Britain and the West to help other Afghans who are vulnerable to Taliban reprisals to resettle, and to find ways of getting humanitarian assistance into Afghanistan through local aid groups.