Brazil's Late And Rocky Start On Vaccinations Fuels Public Ire


Brazil's late and rocky start on vaccinations fuels public ire

Braslia, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th Jan, 2021 ) :Brazil's newly launched vaccination campaign against Covid-19 has gotten off to a late and rocky start -- as the country is hammered by a second wave of the disease, it is already close to running out of vaccine,syringes and other vital equipment, according to scientists who blame the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

The campaign only began on Monday in the country of 212 million, weeks after the United States and European countries launched their vaccination programs.

The late rollout, hampered by short supplies has sparked growing public ire, with widespread complaints about people being vaccinated out of turn.

Thousands of people in several cities mounted protests this weekend demanding Bolsonaro's ouster.

The inoculation drive so far involves six million doses of the CoronaVac vaccine from China's Sinovac, and two million of the British AstraZeneca-Oxford jab, which arrived Friday after several delays from India where they are made.

The Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo, associated with Sinovac, has also received authorization for another 4.8 million doses of CoronaVac.