China's Hebei Sees Foreign Trade Rise In First 10 Months

China's Hebei sees foreign trade rise in first 10 months

SHIJIAZHUANG, Nov. 28 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Nov, 2022 ) :North China's Hebei Province saw its foreign trade grow 2.3 percent year on year to 451.52 billion Yuan (about 63.05 billion U.S. Dollars) in the first 10 months of 2022, according to local customs.

Its exports totaled 275.18 billion yuan, up 13.2 percent year on year, and imports hit 176.34 billion yuan, down 11 percent, data from Shijiazhuang Customs showed.

From January to October, Hebei's trade with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations increased 32.2 percent to about 59 billion yuan. Its trade with countries along the Belt and Road increased 22.8 percent to 152.81 billion yuan.

During the period, nearly 40 percent of Hebei's total exports were contributed by its mechanical and electrical products. Its exports of auto parts, automobiles, and electronic components grew rapidly.

The province saw a decrease in imports of iron ore and natural gas.