Chinese Teachers To Provide Online Courses At Sino-Pak International College


Chinese teachers to provide online courses at Sino-Pak International College

BEIJING, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th May, 2022 ) :Twenty five students in computer technology will be enrolled at the Sino-Pak International College, the first branch set up by a Chinese vocational college in Sindh province, said Que Haitao, Vice Director of Overseas Operation Center, Tang International Education Group.

"Teachers in China will provide online courses, and training will also be provided to Pakistani teachers," he told China Economic Net (CEN).

Tang International Education Group has developed a model for cooperation in computer technology education program between China and Pakistan.

Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Authority (STEVTA), Government Polytechnic Institute, Dadu, Tang International Education Group, and Hebei Professional College of Political Science and Law, China participated in the inauguration ceremony held online.

In his address, Feng Jun, Chair of Hebei Professional College of Political Science and Law expressed his hope that more talent in computer and information technology shall be cultivated under this program.

According to Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Suhag, Director General of STEVTA, the multiple CPEC projects in Sindh have resulted in a deficiency of a large number of talents with technical skills, which is far beyond what local vocational institutions can provide.

He anticipated more joint education programs under 'CCTE" model to be launched in the province, which will provide more employment opportunities to the youth in the province and cultivate talent that can meet the requirements of local enterprises, including the Chinese ones.

Li Jinsong, President of the Tang International Education Group, looks forward to more Pakistani talent cultivated under the joint program that can promote the development of the IT industry in Sindh. He also termed the program a platform for people-to-people connection.

On November 5, 2021, Tang International Education Group and STEVTA signed a strategic cooperation agreement.