Cocaine Found In Poland Banana Shipment


Cocaine found in Poland banana shipment

Warsaw, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Jun, 2021 ) :Polish police on Friday announced the seizure of 160 kilograms (350 Pounds) of cocaine hidden inside several shipments of bananas delivered to a branch of French retail chain Carrefour.

Carrefour Polska said its employees had found "suspicious packages in a fresh delivery of bananas" on Thursday in central Warsaw.

"They immediately notified the police, who quickly secured the consignment and launched an investigation, which is currently ongoing," Carrefour Polska was quoted as saying by Poland's PAP news agency.

"Our chain is fully cooperating with investigators." A police video published on Twitter showed green-coloured packages containing the cocaine hidden in cardboard boxes of bananas.

Police, who valued the seizure at more than 6.7 million Euros ($8.2 million), did not say where the shipment had come from.

Police spokesman Sylwester Marczak told PAP that the drugs had been seized "at several points" in Mazowieckie, the region including Warsaw, and the neighbouring region of Lodzkie.