Defunct Currency Resurrects Barter Trade In Rural Zimbabwe


Defunct Currency resurrects barter trade in rural Zimbabwe

MASVINGO, Zimbabwe,16 Ooct (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Oct, 2021 ) -:Munodeyi Muhwandefa, 68, always comes once or twice a month to trade his livestock in return for bags of maize to feed his family in Maranda Township in Zimbabwe's Masvingo Province.

Muhwandefa said it is hard to get money because his four children, on whom he used to rely, were wiped out by AIDS.

He also has eight orphaned grandchildren to look to raise.

- Barter trade fighting hunger His wife, Maritha, 60, died from the coronavirus earlier this year, leaving him a widower and with the baggage of having to embark on errands to barter and trade the family's livestock for food.

"My grandchildren are too young and my remaining children are looking for opportunities in the city and I have to be here at the township to trade off one or two of our goats just to get bags of maize or mealie meal in order to have food at home," Muhwandefa told Anadolu Agency.

But it is not only hunger that has spurred Zimbabweans like Muhwandefa to switch to barter trade.

The southern African nation is currently experiencing serious liquidity challenges, especially in remote areas villagers have no access to cash because of joblessness.

Even if residents trade amongst themselves, cash is rarely circulated as very few or none have access to it.

"Personally, I have no money at all because my own children who used to support us with my late wife, were killed by AIDS, in fact leaving me with some burden to look after their orphans," said Muhwandefa.

- Barter trade resurrects Barter trade, which used be an ancient way of trading here, has resurfaced -- an alternative for many bankrupt residents like Muhwandefa.

In fact, pummeled by economic hardships, many like Muhwandefa are having to exchange goods for goods to surmount the liquidity challenges they face daily as they also avoid the defunct local Currency.