Fishermen In Malawi Resume Fishing After Sudden Break


Fishermen in Malawi resume fishing after sudden break

MANGOCHI, Malawi, May 9 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th May, 2021 ) :-- Malawian fishermen have started returning to Lake Malawi for fishing after a few days break due to the presence of greener water in the lake which ecological experts described as toxic.

According to the Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources Nancy Tembo, the development was due to persistent south-easterly winds accompanied by low water temperatures in this season which induced mixing of nutrient-rich bottom water resulting in the water becoming eutrophic.

The minister also told local media that the greening of the lake water was caused by the phytoplankton bloom of the cyanobacteria which can lead to health complications if consumed in large quantities.

The development caused a number of concerns among Malawians since the situation was unusual to many. The fisheries department also warned fishermen against fishing on the lake citing that it was harmful.

Meanwhile, water in Lake Malawi has started returning to its normal color. In contrast, despite the warning by the minister and other experts against fishing during this time, a lot of fishermen are returning to their boats to resume fishing.

In an interview with Xinhua, Abdul Yusuf, a fisherman in Mangochi said fishing is the only source of income for his family and that he can not miss a day for the business.

"At first, we were not sure about the situation, we have never ever seen water becoming greener like it was a few days ago.

There was a lot of misinformation about the situation among the fishermen until the issue was clarified by the fisheries department. Some fishermen stopped fishing but the other major in our community continued fishing because they are used to doing the practice," Yusuf said.

"Am aware that fishing at this point of time is being discouraged but I need to find money that can help me and my family to survive. Am very sure that the lake is safe now since the water has started recovering. For now, we are just being careful when fishing, no fisherman is allowed to net dead fish floating in some parts of the lake because we have been taught that this dead fish can cause infections to humans," he said.

On the other hand, some consumers have asked the fisheries department to clarify to the public if it is safe to consume fish from Lake Malawi as fishermen return to fishing.

"We have been following keenly on the issue of toxic substances found in our lake and we have been avoiding buying from lake Malawi fishermen. However, we are not sure if it is safe for us to start buying again considering the fact the water has started becoming clear," said Alice Njima, a young businessperson in Blantyre, Malawi's centre of finance and commerce.