Flying Doctors To Deliver Vaccines To Remote Australians As COVID-19 Cases Climb

Flying doctors to deliver vaccines to remote Australians as COVID-19 cases climb

CANBERRA, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Jul, 2021 ) --:The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has been enlisted to inoculate thousands of Australians in remote areas against COVID-19.

Frank Quinlan, RFDS federation executive director, said the service has administered about 5,121 coronavirus vaccines since being brought in by governments to accelerate the rollout in remote communities.

Of those vaccines, it was estimated that about 45 percent were for Indigenous Australians.

"Early on in the pandemic we identified a whole number of communities across Australia where the RFDS is either one of or the Primary source of health care," he said, according to Nine Entertainment newspapers on Sunday.

"So we're now provided vaccine clinics into those often remote and often small communities.

"We're expecting on the back of the plans we've worked up to be delivering some 50,000 vaccines to some 500 vaccine clinics between now and the end of the year."