Kitchen Disruption: Better Food Through Artificial Intelligence

Kitchen disruption: better food through artificial intelligence

Washington, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st Jul, 2019 ) :Looking for that perfect recipe, or a new flavor combination that delights the senses? Increasingly, players in the food industry are embracing artificial intelligence to better understand the dynamics of flavor, aroma and other factors that go into making a food product a success.

Earlier this year, IBM became a surprise entrant to the food sector, announcing a partnership with seasonings maker McCormick to "explore flavor territories more quickly and efficiently using AI to learn and predict new flavor combinations" by collected data from millions of data points.

The partnership highlights how technology is being used to disrupt the food industry by helping develop new products and respond to consumer preferences and offer improved nutrition and flavor.

"More and more, food companies are embracing digitization and becoming data-driven," said Bernard Lahousse, co-founder of Foodpairing, a startup with offices in Belgium and New York which develops digital food "maps" and algorithms to recommend food and drink combinations.

Lahousse said his company has "the largest flavor database in the world" that enables better food predictions based on both human preference and data analysis.

"Instead of using an expert panel or consumer panel we develop algorithms that can translate into how consumers view this product," he said.

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