Lanzhou To Receive First Shipment Of Pakistani Mangoes Tomorrow

Lanzhou to receive first shipment of Pakistani mangoes tomorrow

BEIJING, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Jun, 2021 ) :Lanzhou, a beautiful and developed capital city of China's Northwestern Gansu Province with over four million population, is all set to receive the first shipment of Pakistani mangoes tomorrow.

The shipment, which consists of 18 tons of Pakistani Sindhri mangoes, will be dispatched from Lahore to Lanzhou and the city will receive a direct shipment of Pakistani mangoes first time in its history.

Normally Pakistan sends its mangoes to Kunming City of China's southwestern Yunnan Province and then they are distributed to other parts of the country.

Similarly, Kunming is also ready to receive a shipment of 2.8 tons of mangoes tomorrow and the city will receive more consignments in the coming months.

Sindhri mangoes are very popular for their sweet flavor and fine fiber. They are mainly harvested in Hyderabad and Rahim Yar Khan of Pakistan.

Supplied to the international market from mid-May to mid-July, Pakistan mangoes enjoy the reputation of "King of Fruit" in this country, and they are one of the leading fruits in terms of production in Pakistan. They are now planted in a vast area with an annual output of about 1.7 million tons, and Pakistan is the fourth largest mango producer in the world, CEN reported Friday.

According to Badaru Zaman, the Commercial Counsellor at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, said that the efforts were being made to find another market for Pakistani mangoes in China besides Kunming.

He hoped to see rapid growth of mango exports from Pakistan to China as it will get momentum once the local people of Lanzhou taste Pakistani mangoes. He said that China is expected to have one shipment of mangoes every 10 days.

Badar uz Zaman also said that Pakistan Embassy Beijing would organize a mango festival in the first week of July and the Chinese enterprises are welcomed to participate.

The Embassy organized the Mango Festival in 2019 with the help of China Economic Net.

He said that Pakistan has succeeded in reviving its economy, which is expected to grow by nearly 4% in 2021. Its exports to China in April registered an impressive increase of 88% as compared to 2020. "With this momentum, we expect record numbers of bilateral trade and expect China to become one of Pakistan's largest export destinations in non-conventional export sectors like metals, ores, cereals, and seafood." It is pertinent to mention that Pakistani mangoes have been presented as a national gift to the Chinese national leaders twice in history.

In February 1964, Premier Zhou was greeted with Pakistani mangoes during his visit to Pakistan. Similarly, in 1968, Mian Arshad Hussain, then Pakistani Foreign Minister, visited China and presented Pakistani mangoes to Chairman Mao as a national gift.