Mozambique Attack Survivors Haunted By Sight Of Dead Bodies

Mozambique attack survivors haunted by sight of dead bodies

Pemba, Mozambique, April 4 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 4th Apr, 2021 ) :As she stepped off an evacuation boat from the besieged town of Palma in northern Mozambique, Mariamo Assane broke down, reliving the harrowing day she fled a ferocious rampage by Islamist militants.

"I had lost hope of living. Never in my life had I run so much," Assane said after she reached safety in Pemba, the capital of the northern Cabo Delgado province about 200 kilometres (120 miles to the south.

Eleven days after what is seen as the biggest escalation of the Islamist insurgency ravaging the region since 2017, the true death toll from the coordinated attacks in March remains unknown, with internet and mobile phone networks disrupted.

The central government estimates that dozens of people were killed in and around Palma, the coastal hub for a multi-billion Dollar gas project in northern Mozambique.

Assame, who is her 30s, recalled the grim sight of bodies scattered along the way as she fled.

"I don't know if I will ever forget that."