Muslim Canadian Mother Simplifies Religion For Children


Muslim Canadian mother simplifies religion for children

ISTANBUL, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Feb, 2021 ) :Jenny Molendyk Divleli, a Canadian sign language English teacher, who converted to islam in 2006 has been simplifying religion for children by making social media posts that she prepares with her five kids.

Settled in Istanbul for over the past nine years, where she continues to teach the English language, she is engaged in making educational and informative material for children, touching general issues, and introducing Islam and the life of Prophet Muhammad in Turkish and English language social media posts.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Molendyk said she was raised in a conservative Christian family as the second child of a police officer and a nurse. During her graduating in Linguistics and Interpreting American Sign Language while searching for answers to various aspects of life, she began debating with Muslims.

"After long research, I found answers and on May 14, 2006, I converted to Islam. This was the biggest decision of my life," she said.

Although at first her instructors and father opposed and tried to convince her to review her decision, she, however, remained steadfast. During this period, she met Sami Divleli and decided to marry him and then move to Istanbul in 2012.

"I did not know who the Muslims were, or what they believed in. I did not know that we believed in the same prophets, either. As I was studying sign language interpretation, I started to research more about Islam thinking I may need to translate in a mosque one day," she said.

Molendyk said that a new door of faith was opening to her and she started to walk to be a better person."I found out that Islam was the right way," she said.

She added that while researching Islam, she realized that her lifestyle would change totally, which induced worry and fear in her. But her fears and many other questions were attended by a Muslim lecturer at a seminar. Just a day before, these questions were left unanswered by the priests.

"I wrote a letter to my husband, who was a friend then, telling him that I am converting to Islam. May Allah bless him, he came to visit me in my city. That day I became Muslim and wore a headscarf," she said, adding that she had first decided not to wear a headscarf after conversion to maintain the culture she was living in.