New Zealand Deputy PM Calls For "reset" Of Immigration System

New Zealand deputy PM calls for "reset" of immigration system

WELLINGTON, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Jul, 2021 ) :New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson called for "an immigration reset" while outlining a road ahead for the post-COVID economy on Tuesday.

Robertson, also the finance minister, said parts of the business sector have become too reliant on continued access to low skilled labors, and there have been fewer incentives to increase productivity through investment in capital and new technologies.

It is the "right time for an immigration reset," he said in his speech to the Trans-Tasman Business Circle.

"Immigration has long contributed socially, culturally and economically to New Zealand, and our society is better for it. It can be an important source of skilled labor and new ideas, helping to boost innovation and productivity," he said.

Robertson said the government wants to work with businesses as to how they can attract new workers, whether that is by improving pay and conditions, being more flexible about fitting work around childcare obligations or helping workers fulfil their potential by helping them access skills and training.