PAL Organized An Online Women's Hamdiya, Naatiya Mushaira

PAL organized an online women's hamdiya, naatiya mushaira

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th May, 2021 ) :In the holy month of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak, an online women's Hamdiya and Naatiya Mushaira was organized by the Pakistan academy of Letters (PAL), said a press release issued here on Sunday.

Musharia was presided over by Sarwat Mohi-ud-Din (Lahore).

Dr. Sehar Imdad Hussaini (Karachi), Najma Mansoor (Sargodha) and Yasmeen Sehar (Jhelum) were the chief guests while Abida Taqi (Islamabad), Bina Govindi (USA) and Dr. Syeda Amna Bihar (Muzaffarabad) were the guests of honor.

Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL, gave the introductory speech.

Ayesha Masood was the moderator.

Poetess from all over the country and abroad recited Hamdiya and Naatiya poetry.

Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL, while giving the introductory speech said that mother's lap is the child's first school from which the children are truly trained.

The role of women has been significant in introducing children to islam and Islamic civilization, which history has shown in different periods. Let us look at the historical testimonies regarding poetry. In particular, we find Naatiya poetry in the words of Jahangir's Begum Noor Jahan.

Hamdiya & Naatiya poetry also found in the poetry of Aurangzeb Alamgir's daughter Zeb-un-Nisa. It is also important to mention Mir Taqi Mir's daughter on this occasion.

He said that 72 languages are spoken in Pakistan and in those languages where mother's lullabies are found there is also Hamdo Naat. There is a strong tradition of Hamdo Naat regarding female poets. Undoubtedly, the poetesses have a big part in the Hamad-o- Naat which is really commendable.

Participants of Mushaira included Iman Qaisarani (Dera Ghazi Khan), Samina Qadir (Peshawar), Samina Gul (Sargodha), Jahan Ara Tabassum (Quetta), Rukhsana Saba (Karachi), Rafat Waheed (Rafat Waheed), Sabin Younis (USA), Sahra Ali (Mushaira). Karachi), Shahida Sardar (Peshawar), Shafqat Hayat (Taxila), Saba Javed (Peshawar), Irfan Amr (Gujranwala), Ghazala Ghazal (Peshawar), Farah Asad (Peshawar), Qudsia Qudsi (Malaysia), Komal Joya (Kabirwala). , Mahmooda Ghazia (Islamabad), Maqsooda Hussain (Rawalpindi), Naseem Nazish (Peshawar) and other female poets presented Hamdiya and Naatiya poetry.