Sindhi Films Highly Acclaimed In Galaxy Of National Language Movies

Sindhi films highly acclaimed in galaxy of national language movies

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Nov, 2021 ) :After the inception of Pakistani cinema in August 1948, on one hand a large number of national Language films were produced on various topics enchanting audiences for decades, similarly, Sindhi films also proved their mettle enriched with best screenplay, action drama and melodious songs.

According to a report on the showbiz website, the First Sindhi film was Umar Marvi, directed by Shaikh Hassan, was released 1956 and the last Sindhi film was titled Himmat which was screened in 1997.

Golden era of Sindhi cinema span over 41 years in which around 73 Sindhi films were released, except a pre-partition film EKTA which was released in 1940.

Umar Marvi was the first golden jubilee hit project in the Sindhi language. This film was dubbed in urdu and released as Marvi on May 24, 1963 Urdu dialogues were written by Arsh Lakhnavi and songs by Dukhi Premnagri, Tamanna Siddiq and Makhdoom Lakhnavi.

Legendary actor Mustafa Qureshi debuted in the Pakistan Film Industry with a Sindh Film titled, PARDESI, which was released in 1958 and highly acclaimed and paved the way for the success of the actor in future.

Another Sindhi film "Rat jaa Rishtaa" was screened in 1975 and produced by veteran actor Qurban jeelani and proved a hit in the row of Sindhi Films.

Famous tv and Film Star Anwer Iqbal who recently died, has also a credit to act in a Sindhi Film titled "Dostan jo Piyar" which was released In 1978 and did average business.

In 1985, Renowned film maker Shah Asad produced Jalal Chandio, based on the real life of a folk Singer which was highly acclaimed by the masses at that time, similarly Shah Asad also produced block buster PAROO (1987) and SHAHEED (1989).

WADERO SAAIN portrayed Sindh Culture was released in 1992 after dubbing into Sindhi version but flopped at box office as compared to original film WADERA which was released in 1986 and remained successful,starring Mustafa Qureshi, Anjuman, Arifa Siddiqui. Babar.