Switzerland Reports Loss Of 3.4 Mln Overnight Stays Last Winter

Switzerland reports loss of 3.4 mln overnight stays last winter

GENEVA, Jun 9 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th Jun, 2021 ) :Switzerland recorded a net loss of incoming tourists for winter 2020-2021, with only 9.4 million overnight stays for the period, 3.4 million fewer than a year before, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) said in a statement on Tuesday.

Switzerland's ski resorts, known for its abundance of snow and beautiful landscapes, were deserted by foreign visitors this winter, as 70.1 percent fewer external tourists came to the country during the period.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tourists came in much reduced numbers compared with previous winter, leaving a bleak view for Swiss hostels in the whole country.

Cities were even more affected by the lack of external visitors, with Geneva, Zurich and Basel losing 68 percent, 63 percent and 56 percent of their overnight stays, respectively.

The only saving grace for the country's hostels was the domestic demand, as many places saw a rise in Swiss tourists -- an increase of 1.1 million stays from winter 2019-2020.

However, even if more people are being vaccinated in high-income countries, predictions for Swiss tourism in the near future are still quite gloomy, as a recent study from the Swiss Economic Institute indicated that the industry would only fully recover by 2023.