Venezuela Opposition Ends Boycott Ahead Of Local Elections


Venezuela opposition ends boycott ahead of local elections

Caracas, Aug 1 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Sep, 2021 ) :Venezuela's main opposition alliance announced on Tuesday it would take part in November's mayoral and gubernatorial elections, ending a three-year boycott over a lack of free, fair and transparent polls.

The Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) boycotted the 2018 presidential vote that saw Nicolas Maduro re-elected, and the 2020 legislative elections, in which it lost control of Congress.

In both cases it dismissed the elections as "fraudulent," insisting there were no guarantees in place to ensure a fair vote.

"We announce to the national and international community our participation in the regional and municipal processes on November 21," said the MUD in a statement read out to reporters.

However, the MUD said that its participation did not mean it recognized the elections would be free or fair.

"We know that these elections won't be fair or conventional.

The dictatorship has placed serious obstacles that put at risk the Venezuelan people's expression of change," said the statement.

"However, we understand that it will be a useful battleground to strengthen the citizenry and push for a real solution to our country's serious crisis: free presidential and legislative elections." The announcement comes with the opposition and the government involved in talks -- hosted by Mexico, with mediation by Norway -- in a bid to solve the political crisis that has marked Maduro's eight-year rule.

The government hopes to gain international sanctions relief while the opposition is insisting on bringing forward presidential and legislative elections.

Despite the main opposition alliance's three-year boycott, many opposition figures had already broken ranks and started campaigning against government candidates.