Well-known Personalities Paid Tribute To Talat Hussain In Wonderful Words

Well-known personalities paid tribute to Talat Hussain in wonderful words

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 2nd Jun, 2024) Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a condolence reference in honour of the renowned voice and tv actor Talat Hussain.

Event witnessed heartfelt expressions of condolence from a distinguished array of individuals including the President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, veteran journalist and analyst Mazhar Abbas, esteemed actor Mustafa Qureshi, Munawar Saeed, Noorul Huda Shah, Qudsia Akbar, Sajid Hasan, Tipu, Rohina Hussain, Ashar Hussain, Tazeen Hussain, Dr. Rakhshanda Talat Hussain, Zaheer Khan, Iqbal Latif, Amjad Shah, Dr. Alia Imam, Rehan Sheikh, Khalid Ahmed, Ayaz Khan, Khalid Anam, actor Faisal Qureshi, and Javed Saba.

Huma Mir performed the duties of Moderator. Many prominent personalities from the showbiz and drama industry attended the condolence reference. Event began with a showreel depicting Talat Hussain's life. President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, expressed his condolences.

He reminisced about his initial admiration for Talat Hussain, which later evolved into a genuine friendship. He highlighted Talat Hussain's significant contribution to the establishment of the Arts Council Theater, portraying him as a sincere and loving individual.

He said Naeem Tahir, Munawar Saeed, Qavi Khan, and Talat Hussain were all closely associated. He emphasized the importance of artists and writers coming together to share in each other's joys and sorrows, underscoring that without such unity, the institution would lose its purpose. Shah revealed that he often urged his sister-in-law to bring Talat Hussain to the Arts Council, knowing how delighted he would be to be there.

He shared an anecdote of Talat Hussain becoming restless on his wife's phone call. Shah expressed his empathy. He said that the Arts Council would continue to stand with Talat Hussain's family and fulfil its duties diligently, just as it always has.

Veteran actor and Arts Council Vice President Munawar Saeed shared anecdotes about Talat Hussain's early life, noting that his mother was an exceptional radio announcer. During that era, apart from engineers and doctors, there was no other profession.

Talat Hussain was an artist by birth, and he became Pakistan's biggest artist. Once, Talat's mother went to the producer who was conducting Talat's audition. She said to him, 'Fail Talat.' Upon which the producer replied, 'I cannot fail such a good voice and such a talented artist.

Mustafa Qureshi prayed for Ahmed Shah's long life, praising him for keeping the memories of departed artists alive.

Qureshi recounted his own experiences casting Talat Hussain in dramas and highlighted his skills in both Pakistan and London, particularly in the film "Jinnah" and the drama "Sotan Ki Beti." "Today, we have become blind; we cannot see anything. He said, 'There is no consideration for award-winning people, which makes the pride of performance tainted.

We should value the lives of artists. In Pakistan, there are people like Ahmed Shah, who motivate us because they support artists. Senior journalist and analyst Mazhar Abbas remarked that his friendship with Talat Hussain was largely political.

He said that he wanted to say a lot; He was a very profound individual. He often visited the press club and vented all his frustrations upon arrival here. The tribute reference for such individual should not be merely a formality but a celebration of their lives.

He said that recognition never fades away. Whenever Talat Hussain's name comes up in Pakistan's film or drama industry, it will always shine brightly. Amjad Shah described Talat Hussain as a true mentor. Parchaiyan", "Bandish", "Hawaain" and who knows how many successful dramas he has done.

He was closely associated with Pakistan Television until the end. He praised Talat's expressive eyes and thanked Ahmed Shah for keeping artists united. Actor Khalid Anam said, "My bond with Talat bhai was very strong.

We worked together in theatre as well. He was always concerned for everyone, and whenever he announced the national anthem, even unwillingly, everyone would stand up, saying, 'This is someone of great stature who is speaking for the honour of Pakistan.'

Talat Husain's name will always remain alive. Noor-ul-Huda Shah stated that institutions never die as long as there are learners, and Talat Hussain's name would live on because he is an institution. She emphasized that Talat was not just to be seen but heard, and his picture still reflects art.

Qudsia Akbar called Talat Hussain a legendary figure whose departure is an irreplaceable loss. Actor Faisal Qureshi said, "Talat Hussain was a very senior actor; he used to call me his son. We had a good friendship. He had a great influence on the showbiz industry. Talat Hussain was a big name in the film and drama industry. I did a serial in which I copied Talat Hussain's accent for which I also received an award.

He said, 'No one else can replace what has passed. Veteran actor Sajid Hasan mentioned that Talat Hussain always used to include everyone. We all love Talat Hussain very much. Nowadays, actors like Talat Hussain, who put others ahead of themselves, are very rare to find. The way his family took care of him during his illness is commendable. Ayaz Khan noted the uniqueness in Talat Hussain's way of speaking compelled people to listen.

Whatever I have learned from Talat Bhai's work, I will pass it on to others as well. I appreciate Ahmed Shah's initiating the legacy of tribute and condolence gatherings. Zaheer Khan recalled his initial encounter with Talat through his voice and praised his authenticity and dedication to his craft.

Iqbal Latif expressed disbelief at Talat's passing, stating that such great individuals are invaluable and irreplaceable. He concluded that nations that forget their great people never achieve greatness. Actor Rehan Sheikh said that his relationship with Talat Hussain was very old. Talat used to tell him to focus on writing, but Rehan was possessed by the spirit of acting.

Talat Hussain has left an indelible mark on the drama industry. Actor Tipu said that Talat Hussain brought honour to Pakistan. He felt fortunate to have spent time and worked with such a great personality, having many bittersweet memories with him. sing and sharing ideas with them. Roohi Hussain shared that her father always emphasized the importance of completing education.

The last moments spent with him are cherished memories. He never stopped them from doing anything and always supported them. If she could ask for someone back in another life, she would wish for her father again. Ashar Hussain recalled his father's advice to be a good human being and treat everyone well. Despite his memory weakening, Talat Hussain's love for Pakistan and his remembrance of Quaid-e-Azam remained strong.

Talat Hussain's daughter, Tazeen Hussain, expressed her gratitude to the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and President Muhammad Ahmed Shah for organizing the condolence reference. She stated that her father was not only a great actor but also a wonderful father who never stopped them from doing anything. He believed that giving love to others would reciprocate the same. Dr. Rakhshanda Talat Hussain his wife shared that hearing about Talat's personality and life increased her respect for him even more.

She described the husband-wife relationship as beautiful and mentioned that she often critiqued his work. Talat would tell her that while everyone else praised him, she was the one who pointed out his mistakes. He was passionate about his work and prioritized it above all else.

According to her, a good actor is one who remains immersed in their character, and Talat Hussain embodied that perfectly. She expressed her gratitude to Shah for his efforts for the Arts Council. Dr Aliya Imam, Javed Saba and others also spoke on this occasion.