14 Girls Primary Schools To Be Up Graded

14 girls primary schools to be up graded

SARGODHA,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -1st Sep,2016) : The provincial government has approved upgradation of 14 government girls Primary schools to middle standard. According to a spokesman for the education Department, the provincial government has given directions for deployment of 97 more female teachers and other facilities at such schools within a month.

The schools existed in Chak No 89 NB, Chak 79 SB, Chak 90 NB,Chak 67 NB, islam Nagar Urban Area, Chak 70 SB, Chak 189 NB, Rato Kala,Chak 22 SB, Chak 40 SB, Chak 72 SB, Chak 63 NB and the Government Girls Community school Chak 29 NB.