163 Notorious Criminals Held In Last 45 Days


163 notorious criminals held in last 45 days

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st Feb, 2021 ) :Mandi Bahauddin police arrested 163 notorious criminals including 44 of A category and 119 of B category during the last 45 days.

A spokesman for the Punjab Police said on Sunday that police traced cases against property crime and recovered property worth more than Rs 3,100,000, by arresting 29 members of seven gangs with recovery of more than Rs 3,400,000.

As many as 171 suspects were arrested during the operation against criminals and 16 kalashnikovs, 21 guns, 27 rifles, 107 pistols and 3650 bullets were recovered from their possession.

About 68 suspects were arrested while conducting operations against anti-social elements. More than 46 kg cannabis, 182 bottles liquor, three activated kilns and 42 liters Lehan were recovered from their possession.

Moreover, different cases were registered including 3 cases against violation of loudspeaker act, 41 cases against over-speeding , 78 cases of electricity theft, 42 cases of fireworks, 21 cases against bogus number plates, 21 cases of gambling, 1 case of harboring, 9 cases of kite flying, 14 cases of price control and10 cases of aerial firing were registered.

District Police Officer Syed Ali Raza said that convenience of citizens was being taken care during the operations against anti-social elements. He said that crackdown on proclaimed offenders, robbers, drug dealers and criminal elements would continue on a daily basis to ensure protection of life and property of citizens.