1965 War History To Remain Incomplete Without Noor Jehan


1965 War history to remain incomplete without Noor Jehan

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sept,2016) : The Melody Queen, Noor Jehan, will ever remain in the hearts of Pakistanis for her matchless contribution through her patriotic songs that injected spirit in the nation and the Army to counter Indian aggression in 1965.

Though a number of Pakistani singers played important role in the 1965 War but Madam had the most significant part to encourage the valiant soldiers defending the country's borders. Singers of top calibre Mehdi Hassan, Alam Lohar, Saleem Raza and others also played their part to propel the nation forward and show the enemy that they were equipped with self-confidence and unwavering faith and cannot be defeated by the evil, ill-willed designs.

Malika-e-Tarannum Noor Jahan, being a female singer, provided a new spirit with her songs such "Aye Watan ke Sajelay Jawano" and "Aye Puttar Hattan Te Nahi Wikde". "Her songs used to send waves of patriotism and nationalism and every Pakistani was ready to sacrifice his life and to fight side by side with Pakistan armed forces," said Murtaza Abbasi, a former soldier.

He said Madam Noor Jehan was not simply a singer but a brave daughter of the nation, who personally visited borders to encourage fighting soldiers to thwart enemy's nefarious designs. Her role as a singer, in the times of peace, would also be remembered for creating unity among the nation.

Field Marshal General Ayub Khan, on March 23, 1966 had acknowledged that "half of the credit of 1965 victory goes to Noor Jahan.

" Noor Jehan, born in a Muslim family in Kasur, Punjab (British India), was one of the eleven children of professional musicians Madad Ali and Fateh Bibi.

She began to sing at the age of five or six years old and showed a keen interest in a range of styles, including traditional folk and popular theatre. The career of the legend spans from Sept 21, 1926 to Dec 23, 2000.

She was given the title of Malika-e-Tarannum (Melody Queen) and acknowledged even by riavl Indians as high esteemed. About 10,000 songs in various languages of India and Pakistan, including urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Sindhi, are on her record, a work of high quality and quantity.

She also holds the record for having given voice to the largest number of film songs in the history of Pakistani cinema. She had President's Award to her credit given in 1965 for her acting and singing distinguish.

In 2000, the Melody Queen was hospitalised in Karachi and suffered a heart attack that claimed her life. Her songs are still a source of inspiration for music lovers and feeding spirit of unity and patriotism among the new generations, a service that is beyound time.

The history of 1965 War will remain incomplete without Noor Jahan. She will always reamain a source of inspiration for generations ahead with the country's valiant armed forces.