2,530 Cameras To Be Added In Safe City Network During Second Phase

2,530 cameras to be added in safe city network during second phase

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 23rd Sep, 2022 ) :A total of 2,530 new cameras will be added in the Safe City project during the second phase to ensure broader online monitoring to prevent crimes in the city.

According to police source, cameras operated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), privately owned Malls, F-10 Markaz and food chains have also been integrated with the main server of the Safe City Islamabad.

The source said that a total of 99 percent cameras were functional at present for online monitoring.

Four months back, only seventy percent cameras were working due to massive fiber cuts and lack of interest on part of the vendors.

All the artificial intelligence software like ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) and FR( Facial Recognition) were inactive since the installation of Safe city.

However, FR and ANPR cameras were now operational and PUCAR 15, Eagle Squad and supervisory structure of safe city had been brought under one roof for an organized and concerted effort to prevent crimes.

The police record management system (PSRMS) has been brought under the safe city to check the identity of criminals arrested by Eagle Squad.

'Hotel Eye' app and tenant registration system has been also brought under safe city and it is being actively monitored by DG safe city. Fiber network has been restored by 71 KMs during last two months along with the addition of 389 cameras in the network.

Six out of 20 eLTE sites of the secured wireless network were inactive since long, which had been restored and relocated to strategic locations to improve Islamabad police's wireless coverage.