30 Arrested During Search Operation; Sophisticated Weapons Seized


30 arrested during search operation; sophisticated weapons seized

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Sep, 2022 ) :The Rawalpindi police with the help of the elite commandos carried out a grand search operation in different areas of Chakri and Chontra areas and arrested 30 suspects and seized a large number of sophisticated weapons from their possession.

The operation was conducted on the directives of City Police Officer Syed Nadeem Shahzad Bukhari.

SP Saddar Ahmed Zanir Cheema led the operation in Chontra and Chakri area. DSP Saddar Barooni Kazim Naqvi, SHO Chakri and Chontra were part of the team.

Effective crackdown against illegal weapon holders and criminals would be continued, the CPO said.

The land mafia would face severe consequences. The CPO made it clear that it was the Primary responsibility of police to protect the lives and properties of people.