612 Accused Arrested By Police In Last Week

612 accused arrested by police in last week

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Jan, 2023 ) :Karachi Police in its drive against criminals arrested as many as 612 alleged accused last week from different parts of the megalopolis.

According to a spokesman for Karachi Police on Sunday, about 36 accused were arrested in injured condition in 22 encounters while an accused was killed and several other accused were arrested.

Police recovered 34 pistols, a Kalashnikov, a vehicle and 13 motorcycles and 18 mobile phones from the accused after encounters.

In its drive against drug peddling in the city, the police seized 53.332 kg hashish, 513 grams heroin and 321 grams of ice and 182 bottles of liquor.

About 145 illegal arms, ammunition and 4 hand grenades used in looting citizens were recovered from street criminals.

As many as 47 snatched or stolen motorcycles and seven vehicles were taken into custody from different areas.