81.3 Pcwheat Procurement Target Achieved In Multan Division

81.3 pcwheat procurement target achieved in Multan division

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th May, 2021 ) :Food department have procured 5,18,972 metric tonwheatagainst set target of638,507metric ton across Multan division which is 81.3 percent.

The 5,81,432 metric ton gunny bags were also distributed amongwheatgrowers so far which is 91.1 percent of the total target.

According to Food department official sources, the disbursement of the gunny bags and procurement ofwheaton fixed price of Rs 1800 per mound was continued in a transparent manner across the division.

The all facilities were being extended towheatgrowers at procurement centres while implementation on Corona SOPs also being ensured there.

The food department have distributed 1,67,413 metric ton gunny bags which is 90.

7 percent of the total target while procured 1,54,540 metric tonwheatso far in Multan district.

Similarly,87,392 metric ton gunny bags distribution in Lodhran with 91.3 percent ratio and 85,008 metric tonwheatprocured, 96,224 metric ton gunny bags distributed in Vehari so far with 75.1 percent of the total target and 81,951 metric tonwheatprocured so far.

Likewise, 2,30,403 metric ton gunny bags distribution with 100.2 percent has been completed so far at Khanewal district while 1,97,574 metric tonwheatwas also procured.

Thewheatprocurement drive would continue till achieving the set target, the sources concluded.