A Private College Lecturer Is Involved In Alleged Murder Of SU

A private college lecturer is involved in alleged murder of SU

HYDERABAD, Jan, 6 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 06th Jan, 2017 ) : The police have claimed that a college lecturer is allegedly involved in the murder of Sindh University student Naila whose dead body was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her hostel room on Jan 1.

"You will be surprised to hear that this is also a murder," DIG Hyderabad Khadim Hussain Rind told a press conference here on Friday. He informed that the arrested suspect Anis Khaskheli, who is a lecturer in a private college at Jamshoro and 2008 graduate of Sindh University's English department, would be nominated in the FIR under sections 315 and 509 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

"This crime is Qatl Shibh-i-Amd which means that a human being is exploited so much mentally and physically that they take their life," the DIG explained, adding that the sections 6/7 of Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) as well as 9 and 13 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act would also be added in the FIR.

According to him, Khaskheli blackmailed Naila and refused her marriage proposal. "They became friends on Facebook and their relation continued for around 3 months," the DIG told.

He explained that the sections of ATA would be inserted in the FIR because the death spread a scare among the students and their parents as the latter stopped sending their daughters to Sindh University and its hostels.

The sections of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act would also be included because the use of electronic media as the medium of exploiting the girl, he added. The DIG and SSP of Jamshoro district Tariq Wilayat, who was also present on the occasion, informed that both Naila and Khaskheli had deleted their entire mobile record including the calls, messages, photographs and videos.

"This is the reason the case is taking time because of slow data retrieval," the SSP said. The officials claimed that Naila's family had expressed its willingness to lodge the FIR at Jamshoro police station, adding that they gave the family both the options of registering the case either on the family's complaint or on that of the state.

The DIG expressed hope that such a conclusion of the case would encourage other students and working women who were facing exploitation to seek help from the police.