Abdul Basit Reacts To Broadsheet Report


Abdul Basit reacts to Broadsheet report

The former High Commissioner to the UK has responded that he has nothing to do with the Broadsheet report and the payments made to it during his posting in London.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-April 3rd, 2021) Abdul Basit, the former Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, reacted over his name in Broadsheet, investigation, saying that Broadsheet report is not yet clear.

Abdul Basit said that report gave an impression as if he was the person to pay the whole amount despite that the check provided to Broadsheet did not carry my signature.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference on Saturday.

Abdul Basit said that he was directed to present record of the payment as well as copy of the agreement that time.

The former ambassador said that he followed the instructions and dispatched payment record and copy of the agreement through diplomatic cover.

“I wasn’t supposed to investigate the instruction given to me that time,” Basir explained.

He stated that in May 2008, Pakistani high Commission was informed that agreement with Broadsheet was finalized. He said he was instructed that payments should be made to Jerry James. He said embassy did not have much funds. He said he informed Foreign Office when he did not receive the money till May 19.

He revealed that the payments were made in two installments; the first installment was about more than $600,000 and soon after that he was transferred and the second payment was made in September when he was in London.

“If there was issue with Broadsheet then why the second payment was made?,” he asked.

NAB, he said, directly instructed the High Commission in London. It all would have been the same if any other diplomat had been there instead of him, he added.