Ahsan For Constituting Committee To Probe Burgeoning Lynching Incidents Countrywide

Ahsan for constituting committee to probe burgeoning lynching incidents countrywide

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Jun, 2024) Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, Professor Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday proposed to constitute a committee to probe the burgeoning incidents of lynching in the name of desecration and blasphemy across the country.

Speaking at the floor of the National Assembly (NA) on a ‘point of order’, he strongly condemned the Swat lynching incident stating that it had brought a bad name to the country in the comity of nations.

Ahsan, expressing his personal experience, informed that a religious extremist made an assassination attempt on him but he was survived by the grace of Allah Almighty. Taking law into own hands, he said, it was against the spirit of islam and as well as the Constitution and law of the land.

Ahsan said it was high time to control ‘street justice’ as it was responsibility of the state and judiciary to administer punishment to a suspect of blasphemous actions.

Highlighting an incident from the Islamic history, he emphasized that Islam lays great importance to the dead bodies of non-Muslims therefore it was the violation of basic Islamic injunctions immolating any human being on the basis of mere allegation.

Ahsan said, “Due to ongoing trend of individuals acting as judge, jury, and executioner, we are far behind other nations at the global stage”.

Responding to Minister Ahsan, NA Deputy Speaker Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah suggested him to take up the issue in the Federal cabinet as he was the part and parcel of it. He further asked him to discuss it with his worthy colleague Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi to devise a mechanism in order to cope with this social evil once for all.