AJK Requires Rs 40 Billion To Complete Reconstruction Projects

AJK requires Rs 40 billion to complete reconstruction projects

MUZAFFARABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st September, 2016) : The Azad Jammu and Kashmir government needs Rs 40 billion to complete all reconstruction projects initiated after October, 2005 earthquake and seeks immediate release of Rs.16 billion to complete such ongoing projects.

This was told to Prime Minister AJK Raja Farooq Haider Khan by State Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority, officials during a briefing here on Thursday. Secretary SERRA Sardar Muuhammad Zaffar Khan told the meeting that a total of 7748 projects were designed under rehabilitation and reconstruction program out of which 526 were completed while Rs.40 billion were direly needed to complete the rest of ones and even Rs.

16 billion were immediately required to accelerate the work on some ongoing projects. "The education department was worse affected and 2798 projects were designed to reconstruct the buildings out of which, 1331 were completed and handed over while work progress on 788 ongoing projects is too much slow due to unavailability of funds and work on 679 is yet to be started," Khan added. The AJK PM on the occasion said that Rs.

60 billion meant for reconstruction which were diverted to some other sectors by the previous Federal government. He said that he would request Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to release that amount so that the reconstruction program could be completed.