All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran Announces To Join Teachers’ Protest Against Govt


All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran announces to join teachers’ protest against govt

Ajmal Baloch says that demand of schools and colleges is legitimate, pointing out that businesses, schools and colleges are at the verge of collapse.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-April 8th, 2021) All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran has announced to join private schools and colleges association in their protest, the latest reports say.

All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran President Ajmal Baloch said that the demand of all private schools and colleges was correct, pointing out that private schools and the relevant paper industry were at the verge of collapse.

The traders and the teachers both were worried after ban and restrictions were put on businesses and schools due to surge in cases of Coronavirus.

Ajmal Baloch said that the government must take steps to save the business and to help the businessmen and traders as well as the private schools and colleges sector in these difficult times.

Kashif Mirza, the President of Private Schools’ Association, had announced to take out rally to Islamabad on April 8 (today).

He said that the children were out in the streets and parks and were not following COVID-19 protocols. He said that Coronavirus SOPs were being followed in schools and colleges.

He said the PM and education Minister had also stated that Coronavirus SOPs were strictly being followed.

The Supreme Council of All Private Schools and Colleges Association had announced earlier to open schools and colleges on April 12. It had also announced that classes from 9th to 12th would start from April 12.

There would be 50 per cent attendance in all private schools and colleges with SOPs.