ANF Seizes 5.2 Tons Hashish In Two Operations


ANF seizes 5.2 tons Hashish in two operations

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -3rd Sep,2016) : Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has seized mega consignments of Hashish, weighing 5.2 tons and worth Rs 3.2 billion in international market in two major intelligence-led operations at Qilla Abdullah and Pishin.

According to details, ANF Quetta conducted successful intelligence-led operation at Qilla Abdullah and seized 4.95 tons of Hashish. The drug consignment was secretly stocked alongside a seasonal stream situated in Killi Shamsozai, Tehsil Gulistan, District Qilla Abdullah.

Hashish was stuffed in plastic sacks and as per preliminary information, the drug consignment was intended to be smuggled to unidentified location through another narcotics gang. In another intelligence-led operation, ANF Quetta recovered 304 kg Hashish from a car at District Pishin.

ANF received information regarding smuggling of huge cache of narcotics. In pursuance of information, a road check was established at a desired side in area of Tehsil Yaroo, District Pishin. During course of checking, a Toyota Corolla Car stopped quite far distance from ANF Road Check and bonnet was opened to depict engine fault.

However, after sometime, ANF Team realized that since long car was parked unmanned on road side. Its one tyre was also deflated. Suspecting the situation, ANF Team approached the car and took it into custody.

A thorough search of the car was carried out by ANF Team, which resulted in seizure of 304 kg Hashish. Drug was found in artificially created cavities of the car. Cases have been registered at receptive ANF Police Stations and further investigations are underway.