ANF Seizes Over 2600 Kg Drugs, Huge Quantity Of Weapons In 38 Operations; Arrests 45

ANF seizes over 2600 kg drugs, huge quantity of weapons in 38 operations; arrests 45

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 10th Oct, 2021 ) :Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized over 2600 kg narcotics, arrested 45 culprits including three women, five Nigerian and West African nationals, an afghan national and impounded 12 vehicles while conducting 37 counter-narcotics strikes across the country and an international operation.

According to an ANF spokesman, the force also recovered eight rifles of 12 bore, two 8 MM rifles, 53 pistols of 30 bore, four AK-47 rifles and one 303 rifle.

Various types of magazines and over 21,000 bullets were also seized during an operation.

The seized drugs comprised 1622.642 kg Heroin, 458.945 kg Hashish, 151.6 kg charras, 117 kg Opium, 150 kg Morphine, 1.583 kg Cocaine, three kg Amphetamine, 0.390 kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 13600 Xanax (Alprazolam Tablets weighing 2.440 kg), 0.225 kg weed & a pistol 30 bore with ammunition during last three weeks.

ANF Balochistan recovered 1211.2 kg drugs in four operations while arrested an accused and seized two vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 993 kg Heroin, 65.200 kg Hashish, three kg Opium and 150 kg Morphine.

ANF Punjab recovered 1.843 kg drugs in three operations while arrested an accused Nigerian national woman. The seized drugs comprised 0.450 kg Heroin and 1.393 kg Cocaine.

ANF KP recovered 109.795 kg drugs in eight operations while arrested seven accused including an Afghan national and seized two vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 15.110 kg Heroin, 89.105 kg Hashish, three kg Amphetamine, 0.140 kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 13600 Xanax (Alprazolam tablets weighing 2.440 kg) and a 30 bore pistol with three magazines & 20 live rounds.

ANF Sindh recovered 318.96 kg drugs in 11 operations while arrested 14 accused including a woman and seized four vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 5.320 kg Heroin, 302.64 kg Hashish and 11 kg Opium.

ANF North recovered 16.387 kg drugs in eight operations while arrested seven accused including a Pakistani woman & a Nigerian National man and seized two vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 13.762 kg Heroin, two kg Hashish, 0.250 kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 0.150 kg Cocaine and 0.225 kg weed.

ANF regional directorate North under its ongoing drive against drug smugglers conducted a successful intelligence based operation and intercepted a Suzuki swift car bearing registration number RH 568 ICT, near M1 Toll plaza Motorway Islamabad and recovered 40 kg opium and 40 kg charras tactfully concealed in the secret cavities of the vehicle.

ANF team arrested two persons namely Fazal Subhan son of Abdul Rehman resident of Dhandah Tehsil and Sarfraz s/o Riaz Hussain r/o Mohallah Ijaz Colony Joharabad, Tehsil, District Khushab.

ANF recovered 595 kg heroin and 5.033 kg cocaine besides netting 10 including three West African, two males and one female smuggler.

ANF arrested a West African women smuggler at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore on recovery of 1.393 kg cocaine and two smugglers were netted at Faisalabad Airport for having 3.640 kg cocaine.

In an international operation, acting on information of ANF, Sri Lankan security authorities recovered 595 kg heroin from a boat in open sea and arrested seven including Pakistani and foreign nationals.

ANF seized huge quantity of narcotics weighing up to 175.2 kg during a counter narcotics operation conducted here on Motorway from a Honda Civic car bearing registration number LEB 343.

ANF acting on a tip-off conducted a raid on Motorway near Fateh Jang Toll Plaza and seized drugs, 111.6 kg Charras and 63.6 kg Opium from a Honda Civic car.

ANF team also arrested an accused namely Arshad Ali resident of Sheikhupura.

In another operation, ANF recovered huge number of weapons and ammunition from a car near Qalandarabad Toll Plaza on Hazara Expressway.

The spokesman informed that a Toyota Corolla car was stopped on suspicion of drug trafficking but during search of the vehicle, ANF team recovered huge number of weapons which were being smuggled from Peshawar to Mansehra.

During operation, two suspects namely Sanaullah Jan Bacha and Fazal Subhan, both residents of Peshawar were arrested on the spot and ANF team recovered eight 12 bore rifles, two 8 MM rifles, 53 pistols of 30 bore, four AK-47 rifles and one 303 rifle.

Various types of magazines and over 21,000 bullets were also recovered. The recovered arms, ammunition and arrested suspects were handed over to the local police for further legal action, the spokesman added.

He informed that, ANF Karachi and Hyderabad teams recovered huge quantity of Charass and Heroin and managed to arrest five accused.

He said that ANF Karachi and Hyderabad acting on tip off conducted raids and recovered 85 kg charras and nine kg heroin while ANF teams also impounded a vehicle and a rickshaw.

All cases were registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are under process.